Simplified Privacy

Some estimates are that 25% or more of the nodes on the Tor network are run by a single well-funded malicious actor, whose sole goal is to deanonymize users.

These malicious nodes are often middle relays and entrances, so unlike exit nodes which allow hackers to steal Bitcoin, there’s no financial motive for relays other than learning people’s real identities.


Remember, Tor gives you 3 hops on the mixnet, so if there’s a 1 in 4 chance that it’s the enemy, then there’s decent odds you can get a path with 2 or more malicious nodes.

This all comes down to the entrance node, or the one that you use to first get on Tor. Our company can setup your own entrance bridge for you that allows you to truly be anonymous and private. You can use this with Tor browser or Whonix.

The speed of the connection is based on both the location of the server and how good the technical specs are. For maximum speed, you’d want to have the server as physically close to your city as possible. But for maximum privacy, you might opt for a more freedom respecting country.


The entrance is the only one that sees the IP address that’s entering Tor. For about $10 a month, you can get a moderately slower but private entrance (2 CPU/2 GB RAM), and for $20-30 a month you can achieve normal Tor speeds (3 or 4 CPU with 4-6 GB RAM).

What does Simplified Privacy offer?

We will:

  • Talk with you via encryption about your needs (Signal, Session, XMPP)

  • Buy the Server Anonymously in Cryptocurrency on your behalf. The first month of hosting fees are included in our setup fee.

  • Setup the Tor entrance bridge in the country of your choosing with your preferences

  • Security Patch and Harden the Server

  • Show you how to use it via encrypted chat for half an hour and answer your questions

  • Hand over the Login and Passwords for you to change it and pay for the server in cryptocurrency on your own going forward

  • Provide Technical Support afterwards for 1 Year

All for just $55

We hand all credentials over to you and you’re free to change them if you like and lock us out. We have no ability to monitor your behavior on this third party cloud provider.

We offer over the counter service via end-to-end encrypted messengers (Session, XMPP, or Signal), or directly here on the website.


Session ID: Simple

Signal #: +855 68 504 905 (spaces matter)