Simplified Privacy

Why Privacy? Depends on Who’s Asking…

Explain it to me like I’m…


AI firm Palentir sells preemptive surveillance data to the LA police to use traffic cameras for targeted racist “pre-crime” frisking. [1] Let’s see what we can find BEFORE crimes are done…


Salaat First, an app that reminds Muslims when to pray, sells user data to both the FBI and ICE to consistently track user locations. [2] As Guantánamo Bay tortures prisoners without even a trial. [3]


Grindr sells user location data, and it’s been used to fire gay priests. [4] According to the New York Post, they “allowed unknown third parties to know sensitive information about users, including whom they were dating, where they lived and worked, and where they spent their free time.” [5]


Mobile geolocation tracking is weaponized by anti-abortion groups. Politico quote: “One ad firm boasting in 2015 that it could “tag all the smartphones entering and leaving the nearly 700 Planned Parenthood clinics” [5]


You’re using the infrastructure of your enemy. Data firm Gotcha SEO did a study of 50 controversial Google searches and found only 5% of the results favored conservative websites, compared with 63.8% Neutral, and 31.8% Left. [7]


Google handed Indian police the data on a 21-year old climate activist, who was then arrested for typing on Google docs about farming protests [6]

Tell it in my own words…

We allow these corrupt institutions to control us, but their power is only in our minds.

Only because we value fiat, does the Fed typing money have meaning.

Only because we accept their domain names, do we allow censorship.

Only because SMS & email are accepted as legitimate, does their surveillance matter.

Don’t you see? The battle isn’t political. It’s not in the courts, but in the discussions you have with your friends over what’s legitimate. Their only trick is to make you feel alone.

Well I’m here today to tell you that you’re not alone. That I love you. And that you have more power than realize. Normally I ask you to share my posts, but you need to learn to convey these concepts in your own words. Because, I’m not going to be there when your friend says no.

The sources to this article can be found here.

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