Simplified Privacy

Why should you try ?

1) Reach is not based on followers. You can be heard based on merit. But you can increase your followers on “Native Nostr”, so it’s productive.

2) Most Nostr clients don’t differentiate between different people reposting the same content. This leads to an annoying echo chamber of scrolling through the same thing, and sets up posts to be an all or nothing chance at going viral

3) Native Nostr is highly sensitive to time. You have a short window to be heard, and given the global nature, this means 1 of the 3 major timezones will not hear you.

4) On Native Nostr, if you’re new, you’re a meaningless keypair spamming. To try to be heard, people mass follow others, which fills your feed with things you don’t care about. While on the RebelNet, you’re the top new post. This sets you up to meet people who care about your topics, and helps Native Nostr on-board people the right way.

5) Remember AWS banned Trump. Unlike which is on Amazon’s surveillance and censorship cloud, our dedicated server is in Malaysia with a free speech firm. Support decentralization.

6) Unlike which has a pay-to-post model, I’m on the grind for the love.

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