Simplified Privacy

Signal requires a phone number to sign-up and uses a centralized Amazon AWS server. The protocol supposedly “hides” who you’re sending messages to, with a system called “sealed sender”. They claim this hides who sent messages by putting it inside an encrypted envelope, but it’s ineffective because the messages get marked as read or not to the sender.


So by telling you if it’s read or not, it systematically and immediately returns data packets back to you. This metadata can be used to track the web of connections that you’re talking to by Amazon, which is run by Democrats that contract with the CIA. Those who want real privacy and freedom, turn to XMPP.

XMPP is federated. This term means that like email, anyone can run a server on their own domain name. Then they can talk to both people on other servers and within their own. The big difference between email and XMPP, is that XMPP is end-to-end encrypted across different servers while email isn’t.

Because XMPP is so efficient, anyone for under $10 a month can run their own server on a small VPS “cloud”. You can use Tor or any VPN, and have complete control over your own domain. Your friends can make accounts on your cloud and you can even talk to people on other servers.

JMB Chat uses XMPP so you can get VoIP calls and “regular” SMS texts over the internet, while hiding your physical location from corrupt telecom providers who normally would sell your data. And even hide your VPN’s IP address from JMB Chat with your own XMPP cloud!

We will setup an XMPP server on a third party cloud hosting provider of your choosing. Then we hand over the passwords and credentials to you. This completely hides who is even our customer and maximizes decentralization and freedom.

You can get this setup here through the website, or through over the counter service on an encrypted messenger.

We will:

  • Talk with you via encryption about your needs (Signal, Session, XMPP, or Email)

  • Buy the Server Anonymously in Cryptocurrency on your behalf.  Our fee includes 1 year of domain name registration, WhoIs Protection, and the first month of hosting fees

  • Setup XMPP linked to the domain of your choosing

  • Security Patch and Harden the Server

  • Install Let’s Encypt SSL Certificates for your domain name

  • Show you how to use it via encrypted chat for half an hour and answer your questions

  • Hand over the Login and Passwords for you to change it and pay for the server in cryptocurrency on your own going forward

  • Provide Technical Support afterwards for 1 Year

    All for just $75

Reach out to us on Session, Signal, or XMPP:

Session ID: Simple

Signal #: +855 68 504 905