Simplified Privacy

Simplified Privacy was created to help alleviate the time strain, knowledge requirements, and financial burden associated with privacy and technological freedom. We can help you transition to Linux, open source software, cryptocurrency, or even cheaply setup your own private server for many different purposes like encrypted emails, cloud data storage, or a dedicated VPN. We promote the idea of a decentralized and censorship resistant internet.

Big Tech companies have grown so powerful and influential that it’s become increasingly difficult to escape their services. This is dangerous because they can censor and remove certain ideas from human knowledge. And if they know everything about you, then they can more easily persuade you to believe their agenda with customized propaganda.

Governments worldwide abuse the data collection of Big Tech corporations, because if a private company does it for them, then they are able to do surveillance that if they did directly, their own legal frameworks would forbid. Governments and Big Tech companies have become interconnected as a revolving door of staff goes between them. Regular internet users are forced to agree to terms of service contracts that give absolute control over their communication and lives to the empire.

Do you want to break free from big techs grip? To break free takes time, and more importantly knowledge. Going at it alone is an option, but that’s the option the empire hopes you choose.

Instead, you can accept our help, speed up your goals, and be part of a philosophical movement where open source alternatives put you back in control. Say goodbye to centralized power and surveillance starting right now and reclaim your freedom!

Our Staff

VPS Linux administrator

Languages: English, shqip

Simply put, TheRaw gets stuff done. He solves technical problems and setups up a huge variety of open source services on your VPS including Email, Matrix, XMPP, WordPress, Tor Onions, FOSS backend panels, and much more! He can help diagnosis many desktop Linux problems as well if you’re stuck.

Cybersecurity Expert & Desktop/Server Linux Administrator

Languages: English, Hebrew, French

For desktop or laptop Linux troubleshooting, this is your man. Adam is passionate about open source, privacy, and security. He’s always on the look-out for FOSS solutions for everything. He can help solve many privacy and Linux questions and issues as well as privacy respecting alternatives.

He is active on SoloLearn, a coding teaching website, with over 100 followers.  Please note this link has a Google captcha beyond our control:

And he can be found on Nostr here.


Institutional Sales & Relationship Manager


Let’s make a deal.  Tyler networks with relevant businesses to educate them on the benefits of using Session, Nostr, IPFS, crypto-as-social networks, and freedom preserving technology.  Reach out to him by email at Tyler [at] this domain [dot] <com>.  We can get a free quote to you.


Motion Graphic Designer & Spanish Ubuntu Support

Languages: Spanish

Zenaku has animated Simplified Privacy’s videos. He’s available to bring your ideas to life. He understands technical topics such as blockchain and can clearly explain your product or brand. Additionally, he can deliver Linux support in Spanish, especially with Ubuntu issues.

Spanish lessons for English speakers can also be arranged via encrypted chat.


WordPress Designer / Front-end Dev

JJ has designed our firm’s website and specializes in WordPress. He can draw beautiful art and bring out your message. Additionally, he’s got coding chops to do “No JavaScript” crypto payments or remove Big Tech from websites. He can also make NFTs for your brand.

Shadow Rebel
Free speech talker

Shadow Rebel is engaged in unpaid free speech talking under a GNU public license. It just so happens that we release this free speech talking he records and publicly torrents under an open license as our videos. We don’t pay him, so there’s no tax or regulation.

He has spoken in person at local Libertarian party meetings.  And his videos on internet censorship has been featured in the popular political Youtube channel VisualPolitik, which has over a million subscribers.  Additionally his work on foreign policy has been sent out to journalist James Corbett’s email list, as well as being featured on the Libertarian Institute’s website.


Phone Logistics

G negotiates deals to procure phones from suppliers and installs GrapheneOS on them.  If customers request pre-loaded apps, he fulfills the order and ships it to them internationally.  We CAN do shipping to all of the Americas continent, from Canada all the way down to Argentina.  We CAN do Europe, anywhere in the EU.


We can’t ship certain regions due to costs and logistics.  We are not discriminating due to politics, just distance/economics.

We do NOT ship to Australia or New Zealand.  We do NOT ship to Russia/Ukraine.  We do NOT ship to Africa. 


Privacy & Crypto Consulting

Silverbits does privacy consulting for women concerned about stalkers and ex-boyfriends. She specializes in teaching women to effectively use degoogled phones and prevent social media leaks. She also can help women interested in investing in cryptocurrency, but don’t have much experience. She can custom guide you in the market and walk you through different types of software for your devices.

If you don’t know how to use encrypted messengers, you can reach her by email through requesting her on the main company account.  support [at] this domain <dot> com

Social Media Promotion & Linux Admin

Languages: English, French

Kira runs the firm’s promotional system and can pump your brand and account’s attention and reach. Kira is passionate about ecommerce marketing and delivers reliable results across many social networks. She also speaks French and can help with Linux problems in English or French.


Customer Support

Ezra directly handles customer orders and makes sure you have a smooth experience.  Reach out to him at the main encrypted company accounts during western hemisphere business hours.  (minus UTC).


Fullstack Engineer
John is working on the upcoming release of Simplified Privacy’s original product.  More details will be released on this as it progresses.

F*cking C*nt
Founder & Investor

F*cking C*nt is the owner and founder of the company.  He was born and resides on a boat in international waters, where he hangs out with Satoshi Nakamoto and Tupac Shakur.

He’s concerned that media will smear him, and attack his personality, instead of addressing his philosophical positions or technology ideas.  So he’s chosen a name with profanity that large media firms literally can not say on the air, to prevent them from discussing him when discussing the company.

Our Partners


Full Stack Engineer

DegenRocket is the lead developer of Simplified Privacy’s Ethereum based video website found at

He can help your business join the Web 3 revolution.  His code will ultimately be a protocol agnostic signing platform and his open source code can be found at:

When combined with Ethereum push notifications, this can bring your firm’s marketing to a whole new level.