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Electrum Wallet: King of Privacy

Electrum Wallet is a free and open source cryptocurrency wallet that allows the user to create multiple temporary receiving addresses that are all different. These different receiving addresses then feed into a single wallet, which has a single permanent output address. The advantage of this is that it obfuscates the public blockchain trail and thus offers the user some privacy for cryptocurrencies that normally do not have any, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.

There are some drawbacks to Electrum Wallet in that the ultimate final sending wallet address is permanent. And so you can think of using Electrum Wallet with Bitcoin as the opposite of Monero, which has a fixed permanent receiving address, but Monero’s outgoing transactions are unknown to the public.

A new Electrum Wallet could be created if the user wishes, but this then would add slightly more cost and time. Each new wallet is a file stored on the hard drive, which is then password protected.

If the user wishes to use Electrum in Whonix, it is already installed by default. If Whonix is used in live mode, this will wipe the wallet from the hard drive at the end of the session. These new Electrum Wallets could be saved by their private seed phrase, which would allow them to be restored and recovered at a time of the user’s choosing.

Electrum can of course be used outside of Tor. The advantage of this is that it’s faster and could save your wallet files from session to session without having to restore it from your seed phrase each time. However, if done outside Tor, a VPN is recommended because it would expose your IP address to the node when you have a transaction. Another option to get more privacy is to self-host on a VPS your own Bitcoin node. Just imagine how awesome you’d get at privacy by subscribing for free to our new content by email, by Session messenger, or RSS feed.

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