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Update: Feather Wallet 2.6.7 Released. Fixes issue

Update from previous article:

You have to update Feather wallet, it fixes a previous minor error with sending Monero. This new version is 2.6.7, and I confirmed it works. Your funds are safe. Update right in the wallet. Spread the word.

Original article 1 day prior:

Feather wallet has an issue. Version 2.6.5 may potentially get a failed transaction on sending funds.

Version 2.6.6 has issues with starting up on Linux.

Developer has the fix, it’s being built, he’s getting a couple hours of sleep.

No need to panic, it’s a minor issue that will be resolved shortly.

I do not speak for the developer, I am just spreading awareness.

Let’s all thank dsc & tobtoht for their hard work!

On a side note, Monero up, while Bitcoin down today. If you entered the buy the dip on Iran trade that we posted to this site then you made money.

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