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Linux Tech Support

In order to minimize your costs as much as possible, we group issues based on how much knowledge and experience is required to solve it.  Please review the level system below and book the category that is appropriate for your situation.

Level 1 - Basic "How to Use"

$25 per hour

  1. Installing or Updating Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Fedora, Whonix, or Kicksecure

  2. Dual Partition with Windows

  3. Answering general questions on using Linux

  4. Installing Open Source Software

Level 2 - Solving Issues

$30 per hour

    1. Broken Package Manager, it won’t update or install software

    2. Graphical Desktop Environment won’t start

    3. Dependencies & Software Version Installation issues

    4. Fixing remote VPS server problems with common open source software such as NextCloud, Matrix, & more

    5. Wayland Display Issues

Level 3 - Advanced

$35 per hour

  1. Qubes OS Installs or Fixes

  2. Arch Installs or Fixes

  3. Compiling Software from Source code

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