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Best Client for Tor Nostr? Gossip

Nostr has horrible Tor support as it’s very slow to connect to all of these relays. Here’s some tips:

1) Use the Gossip Client on desktop (Linux is supported btw). We love Whonix, but you could use any other tools such as ParrotOS, Tails, or even just command line software.

Then modify the following settings in Gossip:

a) Turn off avatars
b) Turn the refresh rate for the timeline to the slowest
c) If you’re real laggy, turn off “in-line content” which is images
d) Mute people you don’t actually need to see
e) Modify the relays (see the next point)

2) Gossip is great for Tor because not only can you cut out the bullshit, but the client knows which relay to find which person. This speeds up the process by not asking extra relays

2) If you’re doing controversial speech, consider only posting on Gossip via Tor, but then using a different account on a WireGuard VPN just for general browsing/scrolling of a timeline

3) Another possibility is, as they aggregate all the information for you like regular social media. They have the ability to censor you from seeing stuff just like Big Tech, I’m not saying they will do this… just be aware that they can. Primal has both a web app and mobile app. The web app works on Tor browser as it’s NOT behind CloudFlare. But it is hosted by Hetzner which is the largest German host

Primal is great to look up someone’s relays then follow on Gossip

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