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Super useful (& legal) Tor Onion links

Here’s a list of some excellent resources for Tor that are completely legal. Most of them are related to privacy. We do not post any illegal content.

Clear web:
Swap crypto to crypto without CloudFlare or Big Tech. 0.5% fee.
Con: They get DDoS’ed a lot, but check back in a few hours if down.

Clear web:
Acts as a no-fee No-JavaScript crypto-to-crypto swap front end for supposedly “many exchanges” but you usually get FixedFloat. Since FixedFloat uses CloudFlare and Google, it’s good to not go direct for privacy and to prevent FixedFloat from being able to bounce with your funds.
(Trocador doesn’t add fees, but FixedFloat charges 0.5%, same as ExCh)

Clear web:
Peer-to-peer Bitcoin Lightning for fiat/XMR.

Clear web:
Swap cryptocurrencies (high 2.2% fees). No Big Tech.
Con: I wouldn’t use this in a browser due to fees, but it’s good to have variety and you can use Particl directly via download for atomic swaps

Clear web:
No-JavaScript search engine aggregator, that allows you to proxy into websites that normally block Tor and require JavaScript

Ombrelo is a Tor onion search engine that automatically crosses out CloudFlare websites for you

Clear web:
No Onion service, but this allows you to view most social media on Tor without JavaScript with fresh front-end instances being rotated (Twitter, Reddit, Wikipedia, Tiktok, search, ect)

Clear web:
Get an anonymous USA SMS line for XMR

Clear web:
Get an anonymous European SMS line for Crypto that normally requires KYC

Clear web:
Buy a tiny VPS in Romania for Monero. No email required. No Big Tech.
Support via Session or SimpleX
Con: No Domain names

Clear web:
No KYC Peer-to-peer exchange to buy/sell Bitcoin/Monero for fiat. 1% fee.
No Big Tech. No JavaScript. Mobile App is on F-Droid
Most of the liquidity is Zelle & CashApp

Clear web: (us)
Author of this list. Huge amount of resources on privacy, Linux, crypto, degoogled life, and censorship resistance.

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