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Pro/Con Crypto-to-Crypto “No KYC” Swap Websites

These are all sites for Monero, BTC Lightning, and others. These are NOT real atomic swaps, that will be a different article. Atomic swaps usually cost more and can’t be in a web browser.

Clear web:

Free fees, but it’s just a front-end

Pro: Acts as a no-fee No-JavaScript crypto-to-crypto swap front end for different exchanges, so you get the best rate and change counterparty risk to Trocador. They use the word atomic swap, but in a browser this doesn’t eliminate counterparty risk, it just changes it from the exchange to Trocador. Some people will criticize me that it’s open souce, but you can’t audit their cloud website. If it’s done through an open source wallet WITH atomic swaps, THEN it’s eliminating the counterparty risk. Trocador doesn’t add fees so this is a great site.

Con: It’s supposedly “many exchanges” but you usually get FixedFloat. But since FixedFloat uses CloudFlare and Google, it’s good to not go direct for privacy and to prevent FixedFloat from being able to bounce with your funds. Also Trocador could be gathering info maliciously, I have no way of knowing.

0.5% fee

Pro: Reliable site has been around awhile. Large variety of selection and good prices. Support team is quick to respond.

Con: They use a Cloudflare which can be avoided if you go through Trocador. The Google analytics can be blocked with uBlock Origin. Careful on the chats, they use third parties as well. They block Tor and USA IPs. Even a USA clock is banned. I’m in international waters and encourage honesty, but any human can observe with publicly available information, that this means some people may hypothetically have to change the timezone on their local PC.

0.5% fee

Tor Onion:


Pro: I like this site a lot. No Cloudflare or Big Tech. Low fees and fairly good selection. Well advertised on BitcoinTalk, so they got a reputation to protect. Tor onion.

Con: They get DDoS’ed a lot, but check back in a few hours if down. Remember, you pay the 0.5% fee PLUS the cost of sending it on the blockchain itself. With Monero or Lightning that’s near free, but for Bitcoin layer 1, be careful not to do too low fees (the lowest setting) or you’ll get stuck a full day or more. (Btw if you get stuck, do a child-pays-parent transaction). Also I’ve had issues reaching their support team.

Under 1% fee (they don’t say)

Pro: No Big Tech. No Cloudflare. No Google. You can uBlock the third party bootstrap CDN without issues. Fees are decent on XMR->BTC Lightning. This is not as low as Fixedfloat or CoinEx, but it’s barely more expensive.

Con: This is a good site, I like it! I wish they were more upfront about the fees, instead of making me calculate it. But they were not bad.

Fees vary based on quantity.

Pro: Large variety of cryptos. Well established reputation.

Con: ChangeNow varies their fees based on how much quantity you’re doing. Obviously the more you do, the lower the fee. If you’re thinking of using them, check Trocador to compare it. The variations are fairly small though. ChangeNow also uses Cloudflare and Google.

Unclear pricing.

Pro: Decent variety. It’s “another alternative”

Con: Cloudflare, AWS, Google. These idiots use all big tech with the word “Stealth”. You can uBlock Origin block the Amazon CDN, and it still works, but you can’t load the post-transfer progress status page. Please, try it with a penny first. I’m not responsible.

Pro: This is like a real exchange with visual GUI of liquidity and not a swap site, even though it is crypto-to-crypto only with no KYC. They got a decent selection and some privacy coins such as Oxen.

Con: They use Cloudflare, and it will block Tor. Not a cheap Bitcoin withdrawal fee, I paid like double the middle rate of Electron wallet.


Pro: No Big tech. They got a Tor onion too.

Con: High fees.

Pro: Eh… more variety?

Con: High fees, again with Cloudflare and big tech.

Horrible fees.

Pro: Huge selection, they got like as much selection as some KYC exchanges.

Con: They don’t tell you the fees, you have to calculate it yourself and they’re horrible. I got quoted like 7% on a Monero cross. These guys should be shot at sunrise. Plus they got mad big tech.

I’ve never used it, no opinion. I just saw random people post it

Summary of the “No Cloudflare” & “No Big Tech”: (front end)

Wizard Swap

Summary of the cheapest ones: (front end)


FixedFloat (barely cheap)

ChangeNow if you do volume

Summary of both not private and not cheap, these suck:




In another article, we’d discuss “real” atomic swaps.

Real atomic swaps are always downloaded software, it can’t be a wallet.

Some of these are brand new, still in development, and I can’t vouch for.

Samourai Wallet XMRBTC


Komodo Wallet BTC->XMR

Elizabeth Binks XMRETH

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