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Tor Onion Nostr Guide: Best Apps

Tor Onion Relays with Linux clients is extremely good for censorship.

You have two choices, your Tor method and your Nostr client.


For Tor on mobile, with a client such as Amethyst, your choices are:



Keep in mind that both of these do NOT switch Tor circuits for different apps like Whonix does. So the Tor exit sees your other apps, which if they are something like a KYC Telegram or Signal number, doxes your Nostr account.

If you’re just doing random fun shit, who cares. But if you really care, then you can either do different profiles on Graphene, toggle networking off, or use Calyx’s firewall app.


For Tor on desktop, with a client such as Gossip, your choices are:



Torify CLI

ParrotOS (all one circuit, but real easy/simple for n00bs)

KaliTorify (all one circuit)

I recommend Gossip in Whonix, with KVM (or Tails).

But you can do Tails if you’re willing to reinstall it everytime from dot files which is a minor pain.

I do not recommend “naked” Torify CLI, because it’s very prone to you forgetting and running it on clearweb accidentally.

Here is our previous guide on speeding up Gossip for Tor use.

Onion relays:


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Tor Relays are relatively new, but promising. If you want to take your privacy to the next level, follow us on Nostr. Public Key:

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