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Alpha Test of New Social Network!

Alpha test of a new social network!! Reddit has cracked down with intense surveillance and censorship.

Even worse, Microsoft’s Linked-In broadcasts your sensitive data the world. They demand SMS verification, restrict VPNs, and asks for photo ID to scan your eyeballs. By having all your information public, your haters can try to get you fired.

Instead, join a fun Liberty-Agora community, where people discuss technology, politics, vendors post their sales, and entrepreneurs can post crypto job ads. Meet Linked-Out.

This is a community feedback alpha test. You can be part of the process and give feedback on your experience. is a federated message board, like Lemmy. But unlike socialist Lemmy, accounts aren’t tied to government domains or IP addresses. Instead, Linked-Out gives you the following choices:

1) Nostr web client, w/ direct connection to 14 Nostr Relays

You finally have a place to meet Nostr friends with similar interests and discuss topics in groups.

2) Ethereum signer.

MetaMask has spyware and Eth is highly centralized. However, we are interested in the anti-censorship of Brave browser’s DNS and notifications to replace Google. Without something like this, IPFS is just static.

Federation and are two example federated instances. As we expand beyond the alpha test, we will be “linking” with other instances, and Linked-Out will grow into an entire network of unstoppable Crypto-Agorists.

Learn more about the alpha-test, and how your feedback will help mold this:

Here is a guide to using Linked-Out with Nostr

Here is a guide to using Linked-Out with Ethereum

Please note: USA IP addresses are fully blocked from accessing Linked-Out.

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