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CLI Session Bot Release Notes

This article is only intended for those that intend to run the Session bot, and not everyday readers.

What if you could self-custody your communication like a crypto wallet?

Simplified Privacy has created both command line (CLI) and graphical interface (GUI) Session bot software, and you can use either.

The CLI version is far better for servers and for the distribution list to scale. The GUI version is more appropriate for a home user with a small list and less technical experience. However, keep in mind that the GUI version is prone to bugs. Our previous release focused on the GUI version, which you can find here.

The newer CLI version is more stable with Session’s changes, and we’re focusing more effort on updating it. The CLI version has Session’s client stripped of Electron, and then it interacts with the protocol directly. It uses the Session seed phrase files directly for accessing the account. And it can be stacked with other software going on.

Just like the original GUI version, it uses a BTCPay server which it does Tor Onion API calls to. Further, just like the original GUI version, the CLI also has the regular.txt list for those who just message the bot. And also has a paid.txt for those who paid. It follows the same logic and format as the GUI. The main difference is the use of the stripped client which requires the detacted tmux command to activate.

Here is the CLI version source code

Please refer to the original GUI version for general outline of functionality

Article on the Censorship Aspect of Session DNS

PGP Key of Digital Hug, the lead Session Bot developer

Read more about Digital Hug on About Us

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