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How to Use Linked-Out w/ Ethereum

This is a guide to using Ethereum with This assumes you already read the previous article on what Linked-Out is. Ethereum is highly centralized and MetaMask has spyware. However, we are interested in the anti-censorship of Brave browser’s DNS and notifications to replace Google.

The benefits of using it with Ethereum are:

1) Uncensored DNS, you can be found

2) Links to IPFS websites

3) Push out content with push notifications

4) Integration to MetaMask snaps to get the content in the wallet itself

Linked-Out currently does NOT interact with the blockchain, but it will in FUTURE versions.

However, it allows you to sign with an Eth wallet.

Step 1, get MetaMask or Rabby with wallet. Make sure to turn off send diagnostics, but this doesn’t help if you use the default RPC servers.

Step 2, connect in the bottom right

Step 3, You can comment without whitelisting.

Just Connect with the button in the bottom right.

Step 4, In the bottom left is the Publish button for a new post. But you have to get whitelisted

This is to prevent child porn from being spammed, like it is in our Session and Signal groups.

To get whitelisted, DM Simplified Privacy with your public key or wallet through any of the following:

Session ID: Support
Signal #:+855 68 504 905
One of the other contacts

Please note: USA IP addresses are fully blocked from accessing Linked-Out.

Additional off-platform functionality,

You can create a Ethereum channel to send followers new posts.

You can get an ENS domain and link IPFS websites to it.

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