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6 Fast & Hard-Hitting Reasons Fiat Money is Corrupt…

We support Crypto-Agora economics and reject fiat money as legitimate. Here’s 6 reasons why,

The sources to this article can be found here.

Reason 1.
USA murders anyone not selling oil in USD
Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails from Wikileaks show that the true motivation to intervene in Libya was Gaddafi switching from selling oil in USD to gold. [1]
Most anti-government media speculates that the true motivation for the invasion of Iraq, was right before Saddam Hussein moved to switch from selling oil in USD to euros. [2]

Reason 2.
Central Banks fund and enable war
As the book Creature on Jekyll Island goes over in painstaking detail, printing money to buy government bonds, to fund war is what enabled history’s bloodiest battles. “Without the existence of fiat currency, most wars of the past 200 years would have been petty skirmishes rather than full-blown bloodbaths.” [3b]
The US Federal Reserve was created right before World War 1. But this book goes back through the European wars since the early 1800s to emphasize that it was central bank credit that enabled it. [3a]

Reason 3.
IMF & World Bank enslave poor countries through perpetual debt
It’s labeled “charity”, but how come the cash flows as negative to the third world? Because they keep adding interest that can never be paid in full. [4] Even after Saddam Hussein died, the Iraqi taxpayers have to keep paying his debt. [2] Even after African dictators leave office and are declared to be genocidal, their debt to multinational banks remain. [4]

Reason 4.
American Bankers avoid paying FDIC insurance by transferring their assets offshore.
Even if the “offshore center” is physically located in the domestic US. [5a] Then despite not paying insurance because it’s “offshore”, they get bailed out by the Federal Reserve, though what’s called eurodollar liquidity injections. [5bc]

Reason 5.
The Banks control the politicians, not vica versa.
Wikileaks shows Citibank’s CEO emailed Barrack Obama’s campaign manager with who his entire cabinet picks would be. [6a] Then after, Timothy Geithner bailed out Citibank as head of the Treasury. [5c]

Reason 6.
Citibank funded both sides of the Congo Wars.
They loaned money legally through the World Bank & IMF to the official government. Then they illegally funded the rebels on the other side, according to a UN report studying the financial flows. [7]

Millions died in those Congo wars. Owning a Citibank account is more racist than anything any conservative ever said. Voting for Obama and Biden did nothing for racial inequality, the end of this article links you to the Wikileaks footnotes of them taking orders from genocidal monsters.

You rotten murders.

You fucking thugs.

Don’t you see? Their only power is in our minds. The numbers on a screen that the central bank types.

It pains me to say this, but I lost my 20s mate. I spent a decade of my life buried in the economic and foreign policy books. But as the months turn to years, and despite my failures thus far, I am still an optimist. I believe it’s possible for change. And no obstacle can shit talk me out of it.

But I can’t do it alone. And so today I ask, who will help me?

My call to action is to on-board one person in your life this week onto Bitcoin/Monero. Don’t copy paste a video. Don’t send a link. Sit and show them one wallet, in person.

Then comment on Nostr, Session, or SimpleX groups with the result, and together we will learn.

The sources to this article can be found here.

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