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How Google’s AI is harmful

Google originally got popular by figuring out which pages get the most traffic for keywords, through how many links they have from other high traffic sites. In other words, the engine’s ranking was designed to reflect the choices and popularity of the overall market.

Now the goal is for AI to sift through the information and tell you its opinion. In other words, Google isn’t just “saving you time” with AI summaries. They are seizing power over what defines truth. Then once a certain view is promoted through enough mainstream channels, it BECOMES the popular view, with limited external forces, checks, or balances.

And what does Big Tech consider to be true? Well, even Google’s CEO has openly said that conservatives are “low information” voters, and he openly said he wants to use AI to suppress these voices. [1]

Even worse than that, they unveiled their new AI to sift through your photos on their cloud. As DigitalTrends reports:

Now with AI showing you photos on command, this for-profit advertising company will have the ability to shape your views on your own life experiences after knowing everything about you. “Want to sell women’s make-up or weight loss? We’ll show the ugliest pictures of potential customers to themselves right before an ad for your cream!”

By the way, on an unrelated note, 4 new security vendors have flagged the RebelNet domain as malicious, to purposefully prevent traffic. So if you share this, it might be my only shot to make a difference.

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