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Thinking of hosting a website? Read this

You got 4 main options:

1) Shared hosting plans

2) Rent a VPS

3) Rent a dedicated server

4) Host it in your home

Shared hosting plans:

This option is the cheapest, but you got a few problems. First, the host usually will use Cloudflare to save money. That’s how they give such low rates, because they don’t even really host it. They just have a tiny 1 core CPU that’s not even fully allocated to you, telling Cloudflare what the files are. Cloudflare will be happy to censor you at government request.

Second, its not using open source software. You usually get cPanel, which is a company collecting your use-data. Maybe you say you don’t care, but your customers should. This lack of open source also means shared hosting plans usually are not setup for email privacy.

Rent a VPS:

This is the best option in my opinion. Although it’s not perfect, don’t let perfection scare you. The main issue is you’re sharing hardware with other random customers, which has security issues for tinfoil hat level privacy. Ultimately the cost of a dedicated server isn’t worth it for most.

The other issue you MAY run into is if your host really doesn’t allocate any resources to you, and they share all of them even if you paid for allocated. I nickname these “slut VPS”


High cost, with the most security & privacy. You can get cheaper plans though with less resources. By the way, is on a dedicated in Malaysia, with an Iceland DNS host.

Hosting in your home:

Due to the corrupt centralization of the internet, residential ISPs will bandwidth cap. Depending on your country and provider, they likely won’t even let you buy unlimited because they want to force the use of data centers. They are looking to control the internet, and also to prevent their IP addresses from being commercially restricted due to controversial use. But you can host Tor Onions without much issue beyond speed.


In conclusion, I recommend a VPS for most people.

Tinfoil hat privacy go for dedicated, like me.

And normies go for shared and are bitch slaves to Cloudflare’s empire.

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