Simplified Privacy

IPFS Site back up!

The structure of the internet is a corrupt fantasy. Open source developers use Github and Cloudflare and then PGP sign their code. But how do we even know that Github and Cloudflare are telling me the correct public PGP key to begin with?

Now verify your critical open source software without government domains, from a neutral external source w/ blockchain DNS and IPFS.

I struggled to get this working before, and to fix it, I had to made my own CDN with multiple VPS & broke it down into smaller groups for speed. Then to avoid link breaking people out, I used multiple domains. I’ve been at this for like 3 days now, here it is.

Landing Page w/ links:

SimplifiedPrivacy.sol or MoneroRebel.x



PGP directory: SimplifiedPrivacy.x

Summary of content: PrivacyFreedom.x

Contact for changes: SimplifiedPrivacy.eth

Do you not know how to visit IPFS or resolve blockchain names?

Hit up our tutorial with Brave Browser:

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