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RebelNet Blacklisted!

Our domain is blacklisted again.

We’re talking about error messages in both browsers and anti-virus software to purposely prevent people from visiting my site, and this time they went for

But today, I change it up, and respond with uploading my past content to Arweave, for an archive. Arweave is cloud storage directly on the blockchain, it’s like Bitcoin Ordinals, but it scales. It’s permanent, you can’t undo it. That’s good because its censorship resistant, but potentially bad if its evidence used against me. (for example: Samurai wallet’s tweets)

I was on the fence about uploading controversial evasion techniques that I can never undo before, but now again being on the DNS blacklist, I have decided I will never let the knowledge die.

They can scar my name.

They can hunt me down and murder me.

They can pry my encryption keys from my cold dead hands.

But my words will live on. Now burned directly on the blockchain, and through your memory.

I love you. And no adversity will ever talk me out of it.

Fire off!

DeGoogled Alternatives:




Privacy Checklist:


Web Structure:


Linux distros:


DeGoogled Phones:


VoIP 101:


And much more. For the most important part, the Wallet that has it all:


You can view the wallet’s posts through a gateway or even a block explorer. For example:–24qJCa5E_-BnGM

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