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SimpleX & SearX Server URL change! Important!

If you use SimplifiedPrivacy’s SimpleX servers PLEASE read this.

We are migrating the SimpleX chat and SearX search off our official domain name and onto a burner one. These are the new SimpleX servers:



Update your conversations, we’re leaving the old ones active till wednesday. So you got 2 days.
Once we kill the old ones, your old conversations using that URL won’t work.

Here’s the new Search engine SearX:

Our main website and pages will remain unaffected.

This is due to the corrupt and evil centralization of the internet, in which rotten entities such as Spamhaus and supposed “security” AI, will automatically blacklist entire IP ranges because the cloud host doesn’t KYC customers and some random hacker ruined the entire IP block for unrelated customers. Rather than abandon the VPS, we’re switching the domains, and allowing the burner to be banned by web browser certificates. Which shouldn’t affect your use, if it hasn’t already.

I have tried to fight this move as long as possible, and personally wrote to 6 AI firms to reverse blacklists, including Quad9 over the past 2 months. But I can’t do a full-time job of defending this no KYC cloud that isn’t even mine just because I’m renting from it.

This entire incident has again solidified our commitment to reduce reliance on government domain names, and push for freedom across Session, Tor Onions, IPFS, Eth push, and of course Nostr.

Thanks for your support, and we look forward to your continued traffic and love

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