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The Hated One
Apple Is Terrible for Your Privacy

The Hated One
Apple Is Not Your Friend – The Facebook Feud—The-Facebook-Feud:a

Rob Braxman
Apple Client-Side Scanning Ruins Phone Security For Everyone

Rob Braxman
iPhones. The Most Advanced Surveillance Device Ever Made


The Gazette
Apple’s surveillance is troubling, despite good intentions
By Ben Kaplan

Electronic Frontier Foundation
If You Build It, They Will Come: Apple Has Opened the Backdoor to Increased Surveillance and Censorship Around the World
By Kurt Opsahl

Electronic Frontier Foundation
Apple’s Plan to “Think Different” About Encryption Opens a Backdoor to Your Private Life
By India McKinney and Erica Portnoy

The Verge
Apple’s app tracking transparency feature isn’t an instant privacy button
By Mitchell Clark

The Atlantic
Apple’s Empty Grandstanding About Privacy
By Ian Bogost

The Guardian
How Apple’s AirTag turns us into unwitting spies in a vast surveillance network
Paul Haskell-Dowland for the Conversation

Apple’s Find My network can be used to steal data — here’s how
By Paul Wagenseil

Apple AirTags’ anti-stalking features come with a dangerous loophole
By Paul Wagenseil, Mike Prospero

Tom’s Guide
Your iPhone can be tracked via Bluetooth — and you may not be able to stop it
By Paul Wagenseil

How does Apple (privately) find your offline devices?
Matthew Green

Electronic Frontier Foundation
iOS 11’s Misleading “Off-ish” Setting for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is Bad for User Security
By Andrés Arrieta

Official Documentation
Use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in Control Center

Biotech Today
Apple taps Biogen, UCLA to explore adding mental health tracking

Exclusive: Apple dropped plan for encrypting backups after FBI complained
By Joseph Menn

Mental Outlaw
iPhones Could Still Be Attacked (Even When Powered Off)

Mental Outlaw
Apples CSAM Detection Permanently Changes iOS Privacy

Mental Outlaw
How Apples CSAM Detector Actually Works

Don’t Believe Apple’s Privacy Grandstanding

The Hated One

Reject Youtube’s surveillance and:
Watch it via Invidious instance:

Or watch it via Invidious instance: EsMailedBob

Or pick an Invidious instance:

The Hated One

How Apple is Monopolizing iPhone Ads

Reject Youtube’s surveillance and watch it via Invidious instance:

Or watch it via Invidious instance: EsMailedBob

Or pick an Invidious instance:

Apple’s official privacy policy

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